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Azulle is a U.S.-based technology company that coalesced around the principle that technology should be more accessible and fulfill the real and varied needs of real people. What started as a small group of individuals in 2013 with a single product, has now become one of the fastest growing major PC companies in the world.

How did we do that? We worked closely with our customers and learned about their day-to-day challenges and obstacles. That helped us to develop effective solutions that made technology simpler and easier to use. With the support and loyalty of our customers, Azulle continues to grow across all geographic regions and customer segments, offering mini PCs, PC sticks, and accessories.

Boost your business with the Access3. This new portable mini PC stick will give you the power to carry your work with you wherever you go. Simply plug your device into a screen to instantly gain access to your personal files. Make updates to important documents in private or display curated presentations during meetings. You can even have clients abroad join in on your meetings via video conferencing. Stay connected and prepared at all times with the new Access3.

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